How To Make Your Webpage Stand Out

Google. Bing. Yahoo. These are search engines and what they do is allow someone to type in a request like ‘where is the next Superbowl going to be played?’ and then generate a list of websites for that person to visit and find out the answer.

Search engines work through a process known as search engine optimization so if your website adheres to the SEO rules, it will be ranked higher in searches as it complies to the ‘relevant and authoritative’ standards. Simply, this means, if your site is full of good information it will rank a lot higher than one that is full of fluff.

If you have a business and you want a website for it, you’ll want that site to rank well in order to generate great traffic. Search engines like Google are looking for content, performance, authority and user experience in addition to relevancy, quality, speed, cross-device compatibility and internal linking. So if your content matches your theme, and the text, titles and descriptions are accurate your site will be deemed relevant to users.

Google will also look at things like if your site is fast and easy to use, if it is easy to navigate, safe and has a high bounce rate. They are also looking at how effectively your content links with other sites as this gives your site authority and also a higher ranking on searches.

What search engines aren’t looking for are sites who use keyword stuffing. This is when you have content that makes little sense but is packed full of keywords that users find confusing and frustrating to use. They also frown on purchased links and annoying ads that will affect the user and on duplicated content, as that is just frustrating for the average user to wade through.

In short, a strong site with quality content is the way to go. If you annoy your customers with a bad site they will simply click away from it and find something better.

It’s always best to be consistent with domain names, and use SEO to create a strong site with clear navigation and help those search engines index your site quickly so you can appear on page one of any search. Like with anything, if you give your customers what they want, they will continue to use your site. If you don’t, they will go elsewhere because there are plenty of other options out there.

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